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Kore™ Floor Wobbler™ Sitting Disc, Orange

Product Number: KD-4208
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The unique Kore™ Floor Wobbler allows children to sit comfortably on the floor and remain active in one spot. Ideal for group...

The unique Kore™ Floor Wobbler allows children to sit comfortably on the floor and remain active in one spot. Ideal for group reading time or flexible seating classrooms. Continuous movement while sitting increases Secondary Focus.
  • Manufactured with Antimicrobial Protection against the spread of common bacteria; FDA approved and successfully tested to reduce up to 99.9% of common bacteria including E. coli, listeria and S. aureus.
  • Provides an outlet for children with high energy or sensory seating needs like ADHD or Autism.
  • A generous amount of space around the rim prevents finger or hand pinches.
  • An anti-roll safety ring on the gently-rounded base prevents tip-overs and falls.
  • Low profile allows for easy stacking and storing.
  • Great for training on an unstable surface to improve balance, proprioception, stretching, aerobics, mobility and reflex. Can provide a full body work out to strengthen core and leg muscles by engaging muscles not often used.
  • Great for standing desks too! The rocking motion can help strengthen one’s core and help improve balance and posture with daily use.
  • Very little maintenance needed; easy to clean and has antimicrobial protection. Will never deflate and no additional parts are needed.
  • Maximum load weight is 275 lb.
  • Made in USA and satisfaction guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

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Kore Design, LLC

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